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Nicole, Orland Park

My youngest son was social and active, but flat out refused to speak.  After struggling with speech delays with his older brother, I knew early intervention was necessary to ensure he reached his highest abilities and full potential.  I was referred to Dana and knew immediately upon meeting her that she was the perfect match.


Dana thoroughly evaluated my son, and more importantly, she was specific and patient in explaining to me areas of concern.  He began weekly sessions with her and they quickly became his favorite part of the week. Dana latched on to his interests and was able to connect with him while constantly adjusting her techniques to be sure that his play-based therapy was fun and engaging, and it never felt like therapy at all.  Throughout the process, she would regularly re-evaluate him, keeping me informed of his progress and what she was currently addressing. She was sure that I understood how she was working with him so that I could continue to work with him at home. In this way, sessions with Dana also served as guides for me!


Because of Dana, my son not only blossomed but enjoyed every single second of his time with her.  His vocabulary and articulation today are not only age-appropriate, but advanced. I credit Dana for giving us the tools we needed at such an integral developmental stage.  My family is forever grateful for her excellent work, her remarkable, endearing, and compassionate personality and the role that she has played in the development of our child.

Victoria, Lemont


Melissa, Palos Heights

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